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Kashmir, the nation’s #1 Led Zeppelin tribute show, is the most authentic representation of Led Zeppelin on the modern national touring scene. Each of the 4 band members assumes their individual role with pinpoint accuracy. Kashmir possesses the live stage show, sound, and likeness to bring audiences and fans back to the days when the mighty Led Zeppelin ruled the musical landscape.
With the playlist of every classic rock station and the most identifiable voice in rock history, Kashmir’s show features Page’s iconic double-neck guitar, Bonham’s drum solo, the stage show of the era, and most importantly, the greatest hits that make up the soundtrack to peoples’ lives.
For those who dream and wish to experience a live Led Zeppelin show, dream no more—Kashmir will fit the bill, hitting every stop along the way, leaving you thirsty for more.



GTR has entertained audiences for over 35 years. Bringing it with their classic smokey southern sound. The Baltimore based outfit has released 8 albums and played well over 5000 shows at night clubs, colleges, festivals, fairs, and corporate events. The band is proud to have shared the stage with many well known acts such as The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, .38 Special, Marshall Tucker, BTO, Blackfoot, and many more!

Great Train Robbery started out in February 1977, out of Bethany Beach, Del. The first show was at Finnigans Rainbow in Ocean City, Md. Over the years we have played in every type of venue from civic centers to private parties. From Key West to Upstate New York.

  Just like the Nighthawks, Great Train Robbery has been the one band on the Eastern Seaboard that has been called on time and time again to entertain the Biker Community.


For nearly a decade, Mullett has proven themselves to be THE Premier Rockers for Hair Band fanatics and lovers of Rock ‘n’ Roll. By delivering the best of the 1980’s in Big Hair and faithful renditions, Mullett recreates the vibe of those times with unrivaled conviction. From corporate functions and private parties to college campuses, theaters, nightclubs and casinos, Mullett has the unique ability to ROCK and captivate their audience with the sights and sounds of the Glam Band era. Mullett fans agree; this is the closest anyone can get to classic Van Halen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Journey and Poison without hitting 88 mph in a tricked-out DeLorean. Catch Mullett at "EAST COAST STURGIS" and let the 80’s live forever!



The Look… The Sound… The Show…
The Greatest Rock And Roll Tribute In The World
Classic Stones Live™

Frontman Keith Call has all of the moves and swagger of Mick Jagger, and along with his partner in crime Bernie Bollendorf, who portrays rock and roll outlaw Keith Richards, they complete the duo notoriously hailed as “The Glimmer Twins”.

Their jaw-dropping resemblance to these two rock and roll icons is simply amazing, but what truly makes Classic Stones Live™ unique, is their musical prowess, attention to detail, and the spot on renditions of all of your favorite Rolling Stones “classics”!

From the signature saxophone solo in Brown Sugar to the unforgettable backing vocals in Gimme Shelter, every last detail has been accounted for by this eight-piece band. Classic Stones Live™ performs all of the songs that are staples of any Rolling Stones show in original tunings.

Classic Stones Live™ captures the raw energy of the most electrifying performances throughout The Rolling Stones career, and recreates The Stones in their legendary prime. This is what makes Classic Stones Live™ THE number one Stones tribute in the world. Playing all of the hits that make up the soundtrack of many people’s lives, Classic Stones Live™ delivers a complete Rolling Stones experience every time.



"69 BAND"



Jason Ricci is one of the most popular harmonica players on the planet today. Listed in almost every top ten list of players on the internet today Jason Ricci is a polarizing force always in the spotlight and on the tips of critics, artists and fans tongue's everywhere. Through two-plus decades of endless touring, TV appearances, recordings, and the internet Jason Ricci's style of playing is so revolutionary and influential that there exists an entire younger generation of players imitating his music, clothes, gear, and even stage presence. Nicknamed "Moon Cat", Jason has been an almost constant force for decades in the studio, festivals, club dates, and press. Love him or hate him, through performing, singing, songwriting, teaching, and his harmonica playing, it is not an overstatement that this young, white, skateboarding, punk rock-loving, “Moon Cat” from Maine is currently changing world through music and education. 

  1995 was a big year for Jason at 21 years of age Ricci had won The Sonny Boy Blues Society contest beating a then relatively unknown Michael Burks and represented Arkansas and in the then budding I.B.C. (International Blues Challenge) finals. That same year Jason played the King Biscuit Blues Festival with former members of Ike Turner's band and was a featured story on that night's Memphis nightly news. Ricci was continuing to apprentice under Pat Ramsey while playing with Junior Kimbrough, RL Burnside, and living and playing with David Malone Kimbrough in Potts Camp Mississippi. Occasionally crashing on fellow harp player and friend Billy Gibson's couch, Billy went on to produce two records for Jason in Memphis for the North Magnolia Music Label featuring members of the Kimbrough familyEnrico Creivellaro, Eric Deaton and Bobby Little (Earl Hooker drummer). Jason relocated to Jackson Mississippi and played in bands with King Edward, Eddie Cotton, Big Bad Smitty and much of the famous Subway Lounge crew in and around the Southern States.  After a few misdemeanor arrests in Mississippi in 1998 Ricci was admitted to treatment in Florida for drug addiction. He later left treatment, was convicted of felony strong-arm robbery and served a year and a day in a jail/boot camp drug program followed by three years of Florida probation. After his release and during his probation a now sober Ricci played, worked and often recorded locally with Florida notables like the Nucklebusters, Keith Brown, Joel Dasilva, JP Soars, Albert Castiglia. Damon Fowler, Josh Smith and more. In 1999 Ricci won the Mars Music National Harmonica Contest beating out 50 other national state finalists. Jason remains largely connected to the Florida blues scene today. 

  In 2001 Jason Ricci made his national debut as a sideman with the then relentlessly touring New Orleans Band Big Al and The Heavy Weights. With Al Lauro, Jason appeared on the Emril Legassi show for the food network and played over 400 shows all over the United States. In 2003 Jason started his own nationally touring band New Blood. Mercury News writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Brad Kava sited Ricci's band as being in the top ten best live shows of 2005 alongside Prince, Green Day and Government Mule. In 2004 Jason was the first male blues performer in history to openly acknowledge his own homosexuality in print. In 2007 Jason signed with Randy Chortkoff's Eclecto Groove/Delta Groove records and released two albums for that label. Ricci's second album "Done With The Devil" was nominated for a Blues Music Award for "best blues rock album" of the Year and in 2010 after a previous nomination Ricci then won the Blues Music Award for "best harmonica player" other nominees that year in that category were Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, Billy Branch and Mark Hummel. In addition to fronting his own band, Jason also continued to do smaller tours as a sideman with notables like Nick Moss, Mike Zito, and Walter TroutAdditionally, Jason was a frequent guest at numerous Harmonica related educational retreats and started a free YouTube channel with hundreds of free harmonica lessons and over 15,000 subscribersJason's use of Jazz harmonica superhero Howard Levy's "Over Blow" technique (a technique allowing a diatonic harmonica to become chromatic) made him one of the first harmonica players in blues music playing chromatically. This style of playing got Ricci significant attention and work with other artists (jazz, rock, blues) who needed the instrument to play all twelve notes or change keys on their recordings. Alongside "overblowing” Ricci’s pioneering use of effects peddles previously only used with guitars made Jason an extremely talked about musician often celebrated by youth and often hated by purists. His punk rock appearance, sexuality, lightning fast harmonica speeds often compared to violinist/composer Paganini and electronic explorations were all polarizing elements of any Ricci show challenging all audiences.  From 2000 to 2010 Jason Played over 3,500 shows all over the world, won numerous other awards and accolades not listed and established himself as a harmonica hero, educator, harmonica sideman to the stars and blues headliner. 

  The years between 2010 and 2013 were another dark period for Jason. After 12 years of continuous sobriety Ricci relapsed, lost his band, record label, and booking agency. Other than mostly local gigs in New Orleans clubs with John Lisi, Chief Monk Boudreaux, and ex-Pat Ramsey guitarist Dave Renson, Jason had all but disappeared from the music world. Many thought he would never return or would die. In 2011 the harmonica legend was arrested while visiting Bloomington and served a little less than a year in an Indiana Jail for felony assault on a police officer (a crime Ricci insists he was innocent of), he was also charged with burglary, theft and numerous other misdemeanor charges that he doesn't deny. After his incarceration during his six-year Indiana probation, Ricci sobered up for the second time and sought treatment for addiction to crack cocaine, heroin, alcohol and other drugs. Stuck in Indiana unable to tour for a few years, Jason started a harmonica teaching convention in Indianapolis with "Harmonica For Dummies" author, harmonica player and educator Winslow Yerxa called the Harmonica Collective which over the years featured such teachers/players as RJ Mischo, Mitch Kashmir, and Magic DickIn 2013 Ricci was called by Johnny Winter to be featured alongside Eric Clapton, Ben Harper, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Perry, Dr John, Billy Gibbons, Brian Setzer, and others as a featured artist for Winter's subsequent farewell release "Step Back". Johnny Winter's last album featuring Jason won a Grammy Award in 2015 for "Best Blues Album".

  2015 was another significant year for a moon Cat. Ricci was invited by Paul Shaffer and The Rock and The Roll Hall of Fame to perform at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony to induct his harmonica hero Paul Butterfield. At The Hall of Fame Ceremony tribute to Butterfield, Jason Ricci played with Tom Morello, Zac Brown and The Paul Shaffer Orchestra.  The event was televised via HBO to over 12 million plus viewers. After the hall of fame performance, Ricci released a collaborative acoustic CD titled "Dirty Memory". The CD topped the charts and received rave reviews. Dirty Memory's departure from Ricci's very, hard and electric sound was a shocking and necessary tool in establishing Jason as a well-rounded blues performer, serious about the roots of blues music and harmonica.  Maybe the biggest event of the year was the formation of Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind with old friend and New Orleans’s guitarist John Lisi. The Bad Kind is Jason’s five-piece band and is currently Ricci's primary touring, recording and writing outfit hitting every state and much of Europe and beyond. In 2016 Jason was invited to tour with Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blow Out featuring Anson Funderburgh and Charlie Baty.     Like any real bluesman, Ricci has paid his dues directly at the feet of the masters’ year after year. Whether it be on stage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 12 Million people or at Junior Kimbrough's juke joint in Holly Springs Mississippi for 30 locals, Ricci has been there. His life has seen some of the greatest highs the world can offer and some of the hardest lows any human being can endure. From the highest awards and honors the music industry can bestow upon any artist to the most deplorable lows.  Jason Ricci has experienced both sides at length and is here, playing his harmonica, living, singing, writing, and telling us all: what it was like, what happened and what it's like now. 



JOSH GALLAGHER writes songs destined to root themselves inside your brain and bring you back to the first moment you heard them every time you listen; he’s not just making music, he’s crafting memories. Doggedly likeable and unashamedly himself, the Pennsylvania native has a ‘no-bullshit’ kind of charm, earning praise from the likes of ROLLING STONE and CMT, along with some of country music’s greatest heroes. “This kid,” GARTH BROOKS said of GALLAGHER, “as soon as he opens his mouth — you believe him.” In 2016, JOSH GALLAGHER forced the world to rear its head on Season 11 of NBC’s “THE VOICE”, making history as the first country artist coach ADAM LEVINE has ever led to the show’s finale. Since then, JOSH GALLAGHER has proved he can hold his own on stage with RANDY HOUSER, ERIC PASLAY, LEE ANN WOMACK, COLE SWINDELL and more. GALLAGHER’S video HOW ‘BOUT YOU held the NO. 1 spot on CMT’s 12-Pack Countdown for 5 consecutive weeks, where he was also spotlighted as a rising star through the network’s Artist Discovery initiative. In a genre with blurred lines and pandering hits running on borrowed time, JOSH GALLAGHER has established his own distinct voice, showing no sign of fading away quietly. Following the May 2019 release of his debut project, JOSH GALLAGHER (EP), JG brought the country music community to its knees with the fall single and music video BOOTS LIKE MINE—the title track of his next project. From dairy farmers and hairdressers, to first responders and frontline soldiers, BOOTS LIKE MINE is an anthem for the souls inside the soles—the unsung heroes that keep the heart of country music beating proudly. The blue-collar tribute made its CMT debut on September 11, 2019. For more, visit www.JGmusic.net—join the fan club and connect with @JoshGallagher on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram!


Savage Road is a high-energy country band based out of Western Maryland. Five of the area's most accomplished musicians have come together to create a new sound that is spreading throughout the region like wildfire. The band stays busy and works hard to put on the best show possible by keeping the setlist fresh and exciting.
A Savage Road show is filled with excitement and energy from the first beat of the night to the very last roar from the crowd.
The guys have opened for some pretty well known names in the music industry: Chris Janson, the Kentucky Headhunters, Confederate Railroad, Little Texas, David Lee Murphy, David Allan Coe, Corey Smith, the Josh Abbott Band, Casey Donahew – and that's just to name a few.
Each band member brings talent, experience and influences to the table – and when those ingredients are mixed – out comes something truly magical.
One thing's for sure – if you go to a Savage Road show – you will not leave disappointed. 


We like a little TWANG! in our Music. It’s Country Music the way It’s supposed to be. Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Drums, Piano, Electric Guitar & Pedal Steel. Haggard, Cash, Nelson, Williams, Owens, Jennings & Jones and many more. Plus the great songs of Stu Huggens Top 10 song written for Viet Nam Vets. “They’re Still Heroes Today” A hit from the American Music Theater show,Country Juke Box, “When Elvis Gives Another Cadillac Away” Current CD, “Same Man, Different Time” My favorite song from the CD, “Somewhere  Between Heaven & Hell” Come out and see us Live, we’ll make sure you have a good time Stu Huggens: Singer/Songwriter, Guitar & Banjo. The Black Hats are: Mike Vitali: (Bass, & Back up Vocals),Jeff Stonerr: Drums Back up Vocals Jimmy Landis: (Electric Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel, Bass, Drums & Lead Back up Vocals) Larry Huslin: (Piano & Back up Vocals) All of these great musicians also sing lead vocals If we’re playing music, we’re having a GREAT time. If you’re listening to us playing music, then you’re having a GREAT time.